Build Green, Build Smart: Why saveBOARD is the Future of Eco-Friendly Construction

What if there was a way to build strong, affordable structures while also being kind to the Earth?  Welcome to saveBOARD, a revolutionary product transforming waste into high-performance building materials. 

Now available from Mulford Australia!

  • Healthy, Low Carbon Building Product
  • Made from Upcycled Packaging
  • Affordable, Durable & High Performance
  • Interior & Exterior products
  • Moisture & Mould Resistant
  • No additives; ZERO Glues, Chemicals or adhesives
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made in Australia & NZ

What is saveBOARD?

saveBOARD is a low-carbon building material made from upcycling composite packaging waste, like Tetra Paks, milk bottles and cardboard boxes, into sustainable and versatile building boards.

These boards can then be used as walls, ceiling tiles, furniture, flooring and more. Due to the manufacturing process, the boards are almost entirely customisable meaning the possibilities are endless!

Benefits of saveBOARD

saveBOARD goes beyond building strong structures; it's a conscious choice for a healthier planet.

  • Reduced Landfill Waste: Every saveBOARD product diverts 25kg of packaging waste from landfills, contributing significantly to waste reduction goals.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: The upcycling process minimises energy consumption and carbon emissions compared to traditional building materials.
  • Sustainable & Circular Economy: saveBOARD embodies the circular economy principle, giving waste a second life and minimising resource depletion.
  • High Performance & Affordability: saveBOARD products meet Australian and New Zealand building codes, offering strength, durability, and fire resistance at competitive prices.
  • Healthy & Safe: saveBOARD products are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, creating healthier indoor environments.

How can you use saveBOARD?

saveBOARD offers a variety of products to suit your needs;

  • Wall & Ceiling Panels
    Available in various thicknesses and finishes, ideal for interior and exterior applications.
  • Hoarding/ Gawking Screens/ Fencing
    High impact protection barriers.
  • Roof Sheeting
    Weatherproof and low-maintenance.
  • Customisable Solutions
    saveBOARD can even work with architects and builders to create bespoke solutions for specific project needs.

Find out more - Contact Mulford today

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So What exactly is saveBOARD?

The process is fascinating and environmentally friendly. Here's a simplified breakdown:

  1. Collection: saveBOARD partners with local waste facilities and businesses to collect clean, recyclable composite packaging.
  2. Pre-processing: The collected material undergoes sorting and size reduction to prepare it for transformation.
  3. Pulping: Using water and natural binders, the prepared material is pulped into a uniform mixture.
  4. Forming & Pressing: The pulp is shaped into boards and pressed under high pressure and heat, removing excess water and solidifying the board.
  5. Finishing: Depending on the application, different facings are applied, such as recycled paper, fibreglass, or ceramic paper, providing aesthetic and functional variety.

Building a sustainable future requires innovative solutions like saveBOARD. By choosing these upcycled building materials, we can ensure stronger, healthier buildings while minimising our environmental impact. Let's join the movement and build a future where waste becomes an opportunity, one board at a time.

Mulford Australia is proud to distribute such an innovative product. If you want to learn more about saveBOARD and how this could solve your building needs, contact us today.

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