The Benefits of Using Acrylic Products in Your Project

Acrylic plastics are transparent plastic materials that are made with outstanding strength, stiffness and clarity using a number of different products and blends to complete the finished product such as extruded acrylics. Acrylic products come in a number of different forms depending on the purpose and application they are to be used, with these including; acrylic sheets, acrylic panels and acrylic boards just to name a few. 

The different compositions of acrylics can form a number of finished products with differing uses with some types of acrylics being softer and designed primarily for indoor purposes, while other types of acrylics are built stronger and treated to ensure UV resistance suited for outdoor purposes, while other types of acrylics are designed for marine or sound dampening applications.

At Mulford Plastics we have been delivering solutions for 75 years across the Asia-Pacific regions and are the experts in acrylics, let’s explore some of the benefits and applications of different acrylic products.

The Benefits of Using Acrylics

With acrylic sheets and acrylic panels coming in such a diverse range and being able to be used in so many applications, there are a number of benefits of acrylic products.


Acrylic sheets and products and materials are made thicker than glass and can be plied into a number of different shapes and sizes for different applications while also containing insulating properties. When used correctly in various types of buildings this can ensure that areas can be kept at a proper temperature easily and more efficiently often with the benefit requiring less heating which means the use of less electricity which is not only good for the environment, however it is also good for the hip pocket. Some examples of acrylics being used for insulation purposes include; aircraft interiors, transit vehicle interior components, equipment housings and kiosk housing just to name a few examples.

Durable & Weather Resistant

Due to the high strength of acrylic panels and materials they have the ability to be extremely durable and can last the distance even with exposure to harsh weather elements and exposure to corrosive atmospheres with minimal loss to the shape and colour. There are certain types of acrylics being purposely designed for outdoor uses with these often made with custom thermoplastic blends with a stronger surface and oftentimes are treated to be extremely UV resistant to improve longevity.


Compared to glass and other types of plastics, acrylics are relatively lightweight and often have a much higher strength to weight ratio than other materials too (some acrylic sheets can have up to 17 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass). This means that less material can be used to achieve the same result as other materials, with this having advantages of both cost savings and also environmental benefits. Being lightweight is advantageous when weight is a factor that must be factored into certain project designs and when weight is a factor in the transportation of materials.

Heavy Duty

Even though acrylic panels and products are lightweight and can weigh less than 50% of the weight of glass, acrylic products can be  extremely strong and are perfect for applications (especially outdoor uses) that require a heavy duty material. Applications such as outdoor signage or pool window glazing and areas of extreme weather conditions will require a product that is heavy duty in nature, and for this many of the purpose made exterior use acrylics will be perfect for the job.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Due to their high strength and oftentimes smooth finish, acrylic sheets and products are often much easier to maintain and clean than other materials meaning that they will look new for a much longer period of time when regularly maintained (this is especially advantageous for outdoor display signage). There are however, a few things that must be taken into account when maintaining acrylics to ensure that no damage is caused, some of these are;

- Do not use a harsh glass cleaner such as Windex that can damage the surface and change the chemical makeup of it leading to damage further down the track

- Avoid ammonia based cleaning products

- Ensure that any cleaning towels are clean and do not have any particles or grit as this can damage the surface

- Avoid using paper towel as even though they can seem relatively smooth they are in fact quite harsh


Different Types of Acrylics and Their Applications

With a number of different types of acrylics made to suit a number of wide ranging and different purposes, there is Mulford product to suit your needs.

Acrylic Cast GreenTick Acrylic™


GreenTick Acrylic™ is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative which is made from a minimum of 50% recycled material which helps in reducing the environmental footprint.  GreenTick Acrylic™ is a high-optic, economical and quality cast acrylic that can be used for a variety of applications.

Key features of GreenTick Acrylic™ include;

- Environmentally friendly

- Made from a minimum of 50% recycled material

- A high-gloss optical surface appearance and light transmission

- Easily fabricated

Some perfect applications for GreenTick Acrylic™ include;

- Display stands

- POP Displays

- Exhibition displays

- Display cases

Donchamp® Splash Acrylic


Donchamp® Splash Acrylic is the perfect choice acrylic for window glazing, aquariums and other custom designs, consisting of outstanding optical clarity and a distortion-free appearance. With a 30 year UV guarantee and excellent weatherabiltoiy, Donchamp® Splash Acrylic is perfect for outdoor uses.

Key features of Donchamp® include;

- Excellent UV properties

- Superior weatherability

- Easily fabricated

Some perfect applications for Donchamp® Splash Acrylic include;

- Aquatic glazing

- Architectural glazing

- Displays and furniture


Acrylic Extruded


Acrylic Extruded is a continuously processed acrylic sheet that offers a balance between impact resistance and cost effectiveness. With four different Acrylic Extruded products available and extruded acrylic sheets, including; Acrytuff GP, Acrytuff Impact Modified, Acrylic Capped ABS and Optix DA Digital there is a product that will suit the needs of almost any project

Some key features of Mulford’s Acrylic Extruded products are;

- Custom blends are available

- Light weight

- Excellent weatherability

- Excellent thermoformability properties

Some perfect applications for Acrylic Extruded products include;

- Signage

- Display units

- Lighting fixtures

- Automotive accessories

- Skylights

Donchamp® NoiseGuard Acrylic


Donchamp® NoiseGuard is specifically designed and developed acrylic grade which is highly weather resistant, has excellent weatherability and is simple to fabricate. Donchamp® NoiseGuard is perfect for reducing noise pollution levels and hazardous high level winds.

Some perfect applications for Donchamp® NoiseGuard include;

- Excellent optical quality

- Superior weather and aging properties

- Easy to clean and maintain

- Strong surface hardness



Whatever your project may be and whatever the need may be (anything from a simple POS display to the outsides of an outdoor aquarium), there is almost certainly an acrylic product that will be perfect for your needs. For further advice on the different types of acrylics products and uses for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us at Mulford today and let our team help you.

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