Acrylic Cast - GreenTick Acrylic™

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GreenTick Acrylic™

Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Alternative

GreenTick Acrylic is produced using a unique process, utilising discarded acrylic offcuts and scraps - instead of being possible landfill - and transforming it into a high-optic, economical, quality cast acrylic sheet with a wide variety of applications and uses including: Display Stands, POS/POP Displays and Signage.

GreenTick Acrylic is recycled, not regrind and is made from a minimum of 80% recycled material, reducing the environmental footprint.

Key Features Applications
Recycled, not regrind from a minimum of 80% recycled material COVID-19 Screens
Excellent high-gloss optical surface appearance & Light Transmission Display Stands
Environmentally friendly POP Displays
Easily Fabricated Exhibition Displays
Good mechanical properties - shatter resistant Signage
  Display Cases