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Polyethylene, a polyolefin, is the largest volume thermoplastic polymer used today. It is available in a wide variety of grades and formulations that have an equally wide range of properties. 

In general, polyethylene’s are characterised by toughness, excellent chemical resistance and electrical properties, low co-efficient of friction, near zero moisture absorption, lightweight and ease of processing.

Playground Board

Ralloy® Playground Board is an ideal substrate for all outdoor environments. A variety of bright contrasting colours make it perfectly suited where vibrant colours are required. As the colour is embedded in the sheet, it never needs painting. This material lasts much longer than wood.

The versatile properties of Ralloy® Playground Board make it virtually vandal resistant. The UV stabiliser added to the material make the colours fade-resistant and the standard properties of HDPE used in the production make it weather-resistant and the perfect choice for outdoor environments.

Design potential is unlimited with Ralloy® Playground Board. Custom orders are available for machining of this material.


Key Features Product Applications
• Easily cleaned • Signs
• Graffiti resistant • Benches
• UV stabilised • Playground panels
• Resists scratches • Street furniture
• Easily fabricated • Tables
• Will not crack or chip • Shelves
• Never needs painting • Displays
  • Council signage





Ralloy® Signboard is manufactured by extruding one colour on the inside and a contrasting colour on the outside. The layers are combined while the material is still molten. The result is a homogenous sheet that is guaranteed not to delaminate, crack or chip.

It is superior to other sign materials, which are separate layers of material laminated together. Ralloy® Signboard is easily routed or engraved using current CNC router technology. As the skin of the material is removed by the router, the inside colour shows through, a sign that it is easily fabricated with minimum finishing requirements. The durable textured finish resists scratches and marring. The product is UV stabilised to resist deterioration in harsh outdoor environments, making it the perfect signage material.


Key Features Product Applications
• Easily cleaned • Signs
• Graffiti resistant • Golf courses
• UV stabilised • Amusement parks
• Resists scratches • Street furniture
• Easily fabricated • Playgrounds
• Will not crack or chip • Council and road signage
• Never needs painting • School signage
  • Water parks




Industrial Grade

High Density Polyethylene also referred to as HDPE sheet is manufactured from the semi-crystalline polyethylene (PE) family and exhibits the properties of high impact strength, abrasion resistance, and low coefficient of friction.

The material is also moisture, stain and odour resistant - and is also FDA approved to be used in the food processing industry. The material's durability makes it ideally suited for a variety of applications such as water tanks, chute linings and numerous industrial uses.


Key Features Product Applications
• Light weight and extremely tough, even at low temperatures • Chemical Tanks
• Durable • Water tanks Tank
• Good Impact Resistance • Hopper
• Does not absorb water, • Silo and chute linings
• Resistant to stains and odours • Wall linings
• Lightweight • Scrubbers
• Good chemical resistance • Cutting Boards
• Easily to fabricated • Valves and Pipes Bollards
• Good sliding properties (low coefficient of friction) • Dock Fenders
• FDA approved for Food Contact • Rollers
• Black HDPE has good UV resistance  • Washers
  • Bushes





UHMWPE (also known as Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Sheet or Pactene, is manufactured from the semi-crystalline polyethylene (PE) family. UHMWPE Sheet has a very high molecular weight which has a positive impact on material performance in an abrasive environment.

UHMWPE sheet is available in various grades of material, depending on the application requirements. A virgin grade white UHMWPE sheet and black static reduced sheet.

Other grades are also available upon request.


Key Features Product Applications
• Moisture resistant
 • Conveyor wear strips
• Chemical resistant • Guide rails

• Stress crack resistant • Bearings

• Low coefficient of friction • Chute liners

• Prevents steel degradation • Seals and gaskets

• Non toxic / Non hazardous • Stopcocks
• Easy to clean
 • Electrical engineering
• Easily machined
• High impact strength
• High energy absorption
• High abrasion resistance
• Reduces machine noise