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Vipet®  PETG Plastic Sheets are a versatile co-polyester used for a wide range of applications that require exceptional clarity and mechanical properties.

Vipet® PETG offers designers a high degree of freedom for realizing intricate transparent shapes and fast becoming an environmentally viable alternative to clear PVC.


Vipet® PETG sheet is an ideal product for vacuum formed process for point of sale parts due to not having to pre-dry the material. Vipet® PETG has the ability to reposition and reform, and the ability to down gauge some individual parts to due to a higher impact strength than that of PMMA.

Key Features Product Applications
• Excellent thermoforming characteristics • Merchandising/Point of Sale Displays
• High impact strength • Vending machines
• Easily die cut and punched • Product Dispensers
• Cost effective • Medical Packaging
• Printable • Food Storage/Displays
• High Optical Quality • Industrial Guards and Covers
Slat-Wall Components
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