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ABS Plastic Sheets are a combination of three different materials Acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and Styrene, each giving its own set of useful properties. ABS provides an optimum balance of tensile impact strengths. It features ease of forming, excellent toughness and rigidity and is particularly good for deep draw vacuum forming for products likely to receive abuse in the form of knocks, scuffing and scratching. ABS also has excellent chemical resistance.


Key Features

Product Applications
• Excellent impact & tensile strength • Vehicle / truck linings
• Good abrasion resistance • Seat backs
• Dimensional stability • Battery trays 

• Excellent thermoforming characteristics • Air conditioning ducting
• Excellent low temperature performance • Point of sale display units
• Cost effective • Electrical components
• Solvent cementable • Refrigeration panels
  • Indoor signage
  • Luggage and travel goods
Stocked Sheet Sizes  
* more sizes may be available, please contact your nearest branch