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The specialty thermoplastic sheet for specialty applications
KYDEX® sheet is a high performance, extremely durable, regulatory compliant thermoplastic sheet.  With its high impact performance like no other thermoplastic and its excellent chemical resistance KYDEX® sheet is designed to withstand levels of abuse from moderate to extreme.

KYDEX® sheet is available in grades to optimize long term performance, appearance and cost effectiveness across demanding and diverse end use applications from aviation interiors, medical devices, mass transit, furniture and fixtures to industrial equipment housing.

KYDEX® Sheet has the unique ability to be thermoformed. Membrane pressed, post formed, brake formed, laminated and mitre folded and is available in an extensive array of colour and texture.

KYDEX® thermoplastics have the physical, mechanical and thermal properties your customers want – and the aesthetic versatility they'll love.


Super tough and durable, KYDEX® industrial sheet is a proprietary alloy thermoplastic that brings a new dimension to customers in design freedom, formability, rigidity, impact resistance, chemical resistance and fire retardance.

KYDEX® sheet has key advantages to thermoformers with the product less hygroscopic, it typically does not require pre-drying and offers superior impact, more uniform forming with less wall thinning and offers significantly greater resistance to a broad range of corrosive chemicals and cleaning solutions. With the introduction of new grades in 2011, thermoformers can now offer their customers a superior product that can weather the harsh environments of scratches, dents, cracks, stains, fading and chemicals at cost effective pricing.

KYDEX® offers unparalleled colour matching and consistency, custom blank sizes, anti-microbial additives in convenient, short runs.


• Easy to form with excellent part definition and deep-draw characteristics • Equipment Housings
• Among the most rigid thermoplastics • Medical Products
• Substitute grades for ABS sheet with competitive pricing but superior cost/performance • Aircraft Interiors
• Uniform wall thickness and crisp detail • Industrial Applications
• High Notched Izod impact resistance offers unsurpassed resistance to breakage • Point of Sale
• Meets highest standard for chemical resistance for thermoplastic materials • Electrical components
• Passes UL Std 94 V-0, 5V and UL 746C in all thicknesses and colours • Mass Transit Vehicle Interior Components
• Available in eight thicknesses from 0.71mm • Kiosk Housings
• Vast range of textures, a variety of colours, custom blank sizes and low minimums  
• Easy machining and fabricating using conventional methods and equipment  





KYDEX® Aerospace Interior Sheets are offered in an expanded range of high performance grades that meet the demanding requirements of aircraft interior applications.

KYDEX® is available with aviation ratings including FAR 25.853(a) and FAR 25.853(d) as well as ABD0031 and D6-51377 making it fully compliant for Boeing and Airbus flame-smoke-toxicity requirements. It provides the physical, chemical and aesthetic properties needed to improve the durability and appearance of aircraft interiors. It can be molded into virtually any shape and take on a spectrum of colours at low runs - making it cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.


Key Features Product Applications
• Extreme chemical resistance • Seat parts
• Excellent formability • Bulkheads
• Uniform wall thickness • Monitor shrouds
• Outstanding impact resistance • Window shades
• Excellent modulus, tensile strength, hardness and HDT • Tray tables
• Range of thickness from .76mm  
• Large range of colours and textures  
• Custom colours and patterns in woodgrains and metallics available
• Low minimum orders quantities  
• Microban technology available  




Mass Transit

Compliance is complicated. KYDEX® Mass Transit sheet products simplify everything.

KYDEX® mass transit thermoplastic sheet is available in a choice of high-impact, fire-rated grades designed to meet challenging requirements when used in the production of interior components for trains, buses, subways, monorails, vans, and other mass transit applications such as seatbacks, armrests, ceiling panels, tray tables and partitions.

KYDEX® sheet meets performance criteria for flammability, smoke and toxicity. In fact, KYDEX® sheet easily beats GRP specs for definition, tolerances, heat release, weight, cleaning, durability, recycling and cost-effectiveness.

Superior formability, fabrication and tooling quality makes KYDEX® sheet your transit and rail choice.


Key Features Product Applications
• Resistance to a wide range of concentrated chemicals and solvents • Seatbacks
• An ability to withstand frequent cleaning without staining or fading • Armrests
• Compliance with leading industry criteria for flammability and smoke emissions • Ceiling panels
• Lighter weight than GRP parts, to lower operating costs • Sidewall panels
• Outstanding impact resistance, modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, hardness, and heat deflection temperature • Enclosures and partitions
• Extreme formability, hot tear strength, and uniformity of wall thickness • Tray tables
• A choice of surface textures and custom colours • HVAC ducts and vent covers
• Cost-effective, one-step application of Tedlar® film enables safe and easy removal of graffiti, lipstick, ink, etc • Window masks and reveals
  • Overhead bin components
  • Wheel well enclosures




3D Laminates

KYDEX® 3D laminates are formulated for extreme resistance to impact and harsh cleaners, it provides significantly better impact and puncture resistance than high pressure laminates (HPL’s) and low pressure laminates (LPL’s or Melamine) which tend to chip, crack or break in high traffic areas.

Seamlessly encapsulating the top and side surfaces of routed wood substrates and allowing design of parts with compound curves, undercut edges, fine details, sharp rounded corners and wire management holes. Eliminating edge banding, T-moulding, sharp edges and unsafe corners.

KYDEX® 3D laminates are offered in a wide range of solid colours, metallics and highly realistic wood grains. It is also possible to mix and match KYDEX® 3D laminates with popular HPLs and melamine boards.


Key Features Product Applications
• Wide range of colours & patterns • Kiosks
• Vacuum Formed, Membrane Presses, Laminated • Checkout Counters
• Can be Mitre Folded for seamless edges • Drawer and Door Fascias
• Ability to create 3 dimensional shapes • Workstations
• High chemical resistance • Tabletops
• Excellent Durability and Impact • Shopfitting
• Flame Retardant • Flat laminated panels of all types
• Design Freedom