Acrylic Continuous Cast

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Acrylic Continuous Cast Sheet is created by pouring polymerized acrylic onto steel platforms, then continually heating and cooling it between highly polished steel plates to control curing. This produces an exceptionally clear and stable final product.

Acrylic Continuous Cast  sheets advantage over Cast acrylic sheet is maintaining a consistent and uniform thickness throughout the entire sheet allowing for production of a wider and longer sheet.


Shinkolite® Acrylic is a continuous cast acrylic and has many of the excellent properties of cell cast acrylic. Continuous cast acrylic displays advantages over cell cast acrylic with closer thickness tolerances, longer length sheets, easier formability and superior optical quality.


Key Features Product Applications
• Excellent Weatherability • Picture Framing
• Tight thickness tolerance • Light diffusing panels
• Better impact strength than glass • Boat windscreens
• Crystal clear transparency • Skylight & domes
• Easily fabricated, thermoformed, polished or machined • Automotive parts – headlight and bonnet protectors
• Easier formability - shorter forming cycle times • Glazing
• High Chemical resistance • Fish tanks
  • Safety guards
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Spa Bath

Continuous Cast Acrylic has served as the premier surface for millions of hot tubs and baths for over the past 20 years. Surfaces include Marbles, Pearlescents, Opalescents, Quarite and the Mineral Series. Acrylic is extremely hard and non-porous by nature and therefore dirt, soapy film, and germs can't penetrate the acrylic surface.


Key Features Product Applications
• High gloss finish • Indoor and outdoor spas
• Easy to clean • Baths
• Colour fastness that won't fade or dull in sunlight • Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks
• Chemical & Stain Resistant • Shower Recess
• High Heat Retention  
• Wide range of colour & design choices  
• Easy to repair