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Prismatic Diffuser Sheets have excellent light transmission and UV resistance. They are manufactured from acrylic and are the industry benchmark for fluorescent light diffusion. Easy to cut-to-size and install - our panels reduce glare and provide pinpoint brightness. 

Prismatic Diffuser Sheets consist of K12 - which eliminates glare and obscures both fluorescent and HID lamps. The K12 features a 4.75mm square base and a female conical prism placed on a 45° axis, resulting in a high level of visual comfort. K15 prismatic lighting panel with a bold, 9.52mm square base and female conical prism provides excellent efficiency and direct glare control, while maintaining a high level of visual comfort and is excellent in large areas.

Key Features Product Applications
• Acrylic lighting panel • General offices
• Excellent UV resistances • Government Buildings
• Easily cut and installed • Large Retail areas
  • Illuminated Ceilings
  • Computer rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Computer Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Schools and Colleges
Stocked Sheet Sizes  
* more sizes may be available  
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