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Zintra® Acoustic Panel

Zintra® is the ideal material for absorbing internal sounds to reduce the noise level in a space. Available in a wide range of colours, Zintra® can be used for a variety of applications at an affordable price.

Zintra® Acoustic Panel is the perfect solution for your application where acoustic performance as well as aesthetics are required. Zintra® has a wide range of colours and ease of use making it the ideal material for commercial, hospitality and institutional projects.

Standard Sheet Size: 2800 x 1225mm.

Key Features Applications
• Easily Fabricated & Installed • Digital print
• Variety of colours available • Perfect for use on walls, ceilings and screens
• Digital Print Capabilities • Suitable for commercial, hospitality and industrial
• 12mm or 24mm options    projects
• Recyclable  
• Reduces echoes, background noise and reverberation  
• Indoor use only