PP Twinwall

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Polypropylene Twinwall is a plastic corrugated Twinwall sheet that consists of two flat sheets connected by parallel ribs. It is the perfect material for applications requiring an easily fabricated, structurally reliable, environmentally stable and aesthetic material.

Our range of PP Twinwall is manufactured using the most advanced and latest extrusion technology. This ensures flatness and a high level of consistent quality making it suitable for various applications ranging from graphic arts, signage, display, promotional products, packaging, construction, agriculture and other industrial applications.

Mulflute™ Print Grade

Mulflute™ Corrugated Plastic sheet is a twinwall plastic sheet made from the highest quality polypropylene material using the most advanced extrusion technology available to Europe.

Mulflute™ sheet is suitable for various applications ranging from printing, signage, displays, promotional items, packaging and other industrial applications and can be cut, scored, folded or die cut; giving you the ability to create a variety of shapes.

Being a versatile material, you can use Mulflute™ to make anything within your imagination. 


Key Features Product Applications
• Water resistance • Signage
• Light, Strong and Durable • Displays
• Impact Resistance • Point of Sale
• Reusability • Digital and Screen Printing
• Excellent surface for printing  
• High strength to weight ratio  
• Weatherable  
• Cost effective  
• Easily fabricated  
• Excellent chemical resistance  
• Recyclable  
• Corona treated  
• Dimensional stability  
• Easy to convert (cut, form, bend, stitch, glue, etc)  
Stocked Sheet Sizes  
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Pakcor™ Packaging Grade

A general purpose fluted substrate, designed for the industrial, packaging and building markets.

Despite its outstanding strength and rigidity, Pakcor™ can easily be converted to any shape you want.

Pakcor™ is resistant to most chemicals, allowing it to address industries that require such specification. It is light, strong and along with its unmatched durability and re-useability: it is the ideal solution for the cost conscious user.


Key Features Product Applications
• Product Features • Packaging
• Water resistant • Cable Wraps
• Lightweight • Divider Boards
• High Strength to Weight Ratio • Art Folios
• UV Stabilised • Nestable & Stackable Totes
• Cost effective • Waterproofing Membranes
• Easily fabricated • Enclosures/Partitions
• Suitable for outdoor use • Nursery Trays
• Excellent chemical resistance • Tree Guards
• Recyclable  
• Durable  
• Impact Absorbing  
Stocked Sheet Size  
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PP Layer Pad

Mulflute PP Layer Pad is made from virgin high-quality polypropylene sheet. It is perfectly sealed on all 4 sides and corners to guarantee optimum hygiene - as the PP layer pad is widely used in the beverage industry as a divider sheet between the bottles or cans for stacking purpose.

Mulflute PP Layer Pad will facilitate to transport your bottles or cans effectively, helping to save packaging costs significantly as it is reusable and washable.

Mulflute PP is manufactured in 3.5mm in custom sizes and colours with radius corners on all edges. Corporate branding by printing the Layer Pad at time of manufacture and also apply a special anti static coating, if required, is also an available option.


Key Features Product Applications
• Perfectly sealed on all 4 sides • Food and Beverage Industries
• Radius Corners • Packaging Industries
• Strong, light, thin and durable  
• Flat, even and non slip surface  
• Dimensionally stable in extreme temperatures  
• Outstanding weatherability  
• Food Contactable  
• Free from odour or taste  
• Chemical resistance  
• Free from splinters and dusts  
• Antistatic (optional)  
• Printable (optional)