Polycarbonate Speciality

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Based on high-performance LEXAN™ resin which is a polycarbonate (PC) material and ULTEM™ resin which is a polyetherimide (PEI) material, SABIC’s engineering plastics solid sheet portfolio helps customers develop lightweight, durable parts with tailor-made performance across a wide variety of industries. These include aerospace, transportation, electrical and electronics, building and construction, material handling, telecommunications and industrial machines industries, among others.


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Cleaning Guide

LEXAN™ Polycarbonate

SABIC's Speciality range of Polycarbonates offers a wide variety of solutions for your project.


• High heat and flame resistant • Passenger service units
• High impact strength • Seating and flight deck
• High chemical resistance to many chemicals such as cleaning fluids, paints and adhesives • Aircraft interior components
• Lightweight • Train Interior
• Range of colours • Bus Interiors
• Formability • Electrical/electronic industries for applications such as light diffusers and dust cover panes
• Solar Control • Building and construction