Acrylic Extruded

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Acrylic Extruded is a continuously processed  acrylic sheet that offers an excellent balance between rigidity, impact resistance, processing advantages and cost effectiveness.
Acrylic Extruded has benefits over Cast Acrylic with tighter thickness tolerances and longer/wider sheet sizes. It is the preferred material for thermoforming.

Acrytuff GP

Acrytuff GP is a standard grade extruded acrylic sheet available in a wide range of sizes to meet any demanding project.


Key Features Product Applications
• Economical alternative to polycarbonate • Signage
• Excellent weatherability • Skylights
• Excellent thermoformability properties • Automotive Accessories
• Light weight • Display Units
• Custom blends available • Glazing
• Wide range of colours • Lighting Fixtures
• Available in sheet or roll  




Acrytuff Impact Modified

Acrytuff Impact Modified is a standard grade extruded acrylic sheet with impact modifiers added to increase the impact strength depending on the customers application.  Standard modifiers increases the resistance between 6 to 10 times stronger than Acrytuff GP grade.


Key Features Product Applications
• Economical alternative to polycarbonate • Signage
• Excellent weatherability • Skylights
• Excellent thermoformability properties • Automotive Accessories
• Light weight • Display Units
• Custom blends available • Glazing
• Wide range of colours • Lighting Fixtures
• Available in sheet or roll  




Acrylic Capped ABS

Acrylic capped ABS is highly specified thermoplastic sheet to meet the needs of the transport, construction and industrial markets.

Formulated from quality polymers, it offers outstanding qualities such as gloss, impact resistance and scratch resistance, with various grades offering optional features like weather resistance, sanitary or fire retardant characteristics.


Key Features Product Applications
• Excellent scratch resistance • Sanitary Units in households
• Excellent surface aesthetics with high gloss • Shower trays and basins
• Good impact • Shower enclosures
• High modulus/stiffness • Wall linings
• Good chemical resistance  
• Easily clean surface  
• Excellent moulding characteristics  





Optix DA Digital

Optix DA Digital Print Acrylic is an acrylic sheet that doesn’t require an adhesion promoter prior to ink application.

Often printers sacrifice the outstanding clarity of acrylic sheet, for the good UV ink adhesion properties offered by other plastic sheet substrates. Not anymore! With Optix Digital Acrylic, the time-consuming task of applying an adhesion isn’t necessary.

You can produce high-quality, vibrantly coloured prints utilising UV digital flatbed technology, without the costly pre-press treatment – saving you time and money!


Key Features Product Applications
• Digital printers that use UV curable ink technology • Point of sale promotions
• Produced with specifically formulated acrylic polymer that promotes optimal adhesion of UV curing inks without the need for an adhesion promoter prior to ink application • Point of sale advertisements
• Developed and tested with leading manufacturer of digital UV flatbed printers and various ink suppliers • Flatbed printing
  • Signage
  • Shop fit out
  • Exhibition