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How saveBOARD Benefits People & The Planet

With climate change concerns and the ever-growing burden of waste, it is more important than ever that the construction industry looks for innovative solutions that can reduce environmental impact. saveBOARD, a revolutionary product that transforms waste into high-performance building materials, is one of the products that Mulford Australia offers to help builders, developers, and architects incorporate green solutions into their projects.

One of a select few distributors in Australia offering saveBOARD, at Mulford Australia we pride ourselves on offering product solutions that contribute to conscious construction. We’ll be exploring the range of benefits of saveBOARD, from how it prioritises environmental responsibility to its superior performance and community impact.

Introduction to saveBOARD

saveBOARD is a low carbon building material made from Upcycled packaging

Made in Australia and New Zealand; healthy, affordable, high performance, low carbon building materials that make a circular economy an everyday reality. We take everyday packaging waste and upcycle it into high performing building materials - durable, inherently moisture and mould-resistant.

Our board products are also 100% recyclable (by saveBOARD) as all recovered offcuts and end-of-life products can be remanufactured into new boards providing a circular solution.

If you are seeking perfection, then saveBOARD is not for you, but each board diverts about 25kg of waste from landfills, so don’t feel bad for wanting perfection…

The board products have > 12 years of service history in the US & 2 years in NZ and now 6 months in Australia. Our patented technology uses only heat, pressure and time to make our building products. No additives; ZERO Glues, ZERO Chemicals, ZERO Adhesives - The plastic in the packaging is our glue.

Where and how can you use saveBOARD?

Internal Lining:

  • Paperfaced Wall & Ceiling
  • Tapered or square-edge
  • Same screws, glues, spacing as
  • traditional products

Internal Lining Applications:

  • Exposed pre-finished lining
  • Moisture & Mould Resistant
  • Ceiling Tiles

Exterior Applications:

  • Roofing Substrate
  • Rigid Air Barrier

All saveBOARD products deliver:

  1. Superior Performance
  2. Unparalleled Eco-friendliness
  3. Competitively Priced