PVC Foam

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Foamed PVC sheet is lightweight and quite rigid. It is available in black, white and numerous thicknesses and sheet sizes. Used in Advertising and Construction, PVC Foam offers good insulation, low heat transmission, is Non-Toxic and self-extinguishing.

Palight® Foam PVC

Palight® PVC Foamed sheets are versatile, flexible, lightweight and durable substrates for demanding digital print, screen print and sign applications. Palight® exhibit the whitest colour available and both products are successfully tested by digital flatbed printer manufacturers.

Advertisers will benefit from its smooth, consistent and bright white surface which offers a high quality printing substrate for sharp, high resolution digital images.

Key Features Product Applications
• Optimally designed for digital printing
 • Advertising displays
• Bright white, smooth and uniform surface
 • Exhibition boards
• Good insulation, low heat transmission
 • Interior decoration
• Non-toxic
 • Wall cladding
• Flammability: self- extinguishing
 • Models
• Easily fabricated  
• Easily bonded, formed and nailed  
• Low water absorption
• High chemical resistance  
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Signex Foam PVC

Signex® is similar to a PVC Foam product but with far superior quality for more demanding applications. The manufacturing process results in a "skinning" or outer layer of the foam board creating a harder, smoother and more scratch-resistant surface along with increased mechanical performance.

Signex® is a very strong, durable and lightweight product that will not rot or delaminate like other products making it perfect for the signage and building industries.

Signex® is very chemical resistance and can be handled and worked with many other building products such as timber. It can be routered, glued, filled, sanded and painted with standard woodworking tools whilst providing an improved surface finish.


Key Features Product Applications
• Hard, smooth glossy finish • Signage
• Lightweight • Exhibitions
• Excellent impact and structural strength • Cabinets, doors and tables
• Strong and durable • Shop fittings
• Excellent weatherability • False ceilings and wall partitions
• Excellent chemical resistance • Ice boxes
• Self extinguishing • Marine Applications
• Sound-proofing  
• Superior insulation  
• Abrasion resistance  
• Will not rot or delaminate  
• Recyclable  
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* more sizes may be available  
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A different breed of PVC - Featuring a tough solid PVC outer layer and a lightweight foam PVC core. 

In the world of multi-layer substrates, new PALBOARD is an innovative sheet that’s like no other. PALBOARD™ combines the extra tough surface quality of solid PVC with the lightweight, easy-to-work-with characteristics of foam PVC. Its core is made with high quality recycled foam PVC, and the panel itself is recyclable, too.

PALBOARD has an ultra-smooth surface that offers excellent ink-adhesion for digital or traditional printing applications. It’s easy to fabricate, can be cold-bent with a v-groove cut, offers good mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance, making it ideal for a wide variety of interior signage, display, or other applications.