DONCHAMP® Splash Acrylic

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DONCHAMP® Splash Acrylic

DONCHAMP® Splash Acrylic is the perfect choice for aquariums, pool window glazing and custom designs. It has outstanding optical clarity, with an optically perfect, distortion-free appearance - which makes it an excellent choice for aquariums, pool window glazing, architectural glazing, displays, furniture and many more unique, custom designs.

DONCHAMP® Splash block exhibitions excellent UV properties (30 year UV guarantee), enabling superior weatherability. As they are half the weight of glass and with higher impact resistance, DONCHAMP® Splash is the preferred choice.

Key Features Applications
• Excellent UV Properties enables Superior Weatherability • Aquatic Glazing
• Easily Fabricated, Cemented and Bonded • Architectural Glazing
  • Displays and Furniture